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Google for dentistry.

Dent247 started as a solution to one dentist's problem, and now serves thousands of dentists across North America. The old way of doing business in the industry has changed. Conventions no longer offer the same returns to vendors they once did. They also don't provide the same savings opportunities for dentists and practice owners alike….thanks to the advent of the internet!

Seeing the shifting trends in the industry, a group of dentists in North America decided to band together to make it easy for themselves and their colleagues to find the best deals for EVERYTHING practice-related. The best way to do this, they realised, was to create a truly level playing field where vendors of all sizes and types could put their best foot forward.

If you're a dentist looking for a product, course, service, or quality information on the go, then make Dent247 your homepage and enjoy!

If you're a vendor in the industry trying to reach your ideal customers when they need you most, then create an account and build your presence on dentistry's largest and ONLY search engine.