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About Dent247

Are you ready for the second wave? Will you be around for the third? We looked at every bill and aspect of our business. See how we re-engineered with simple, crystal clear focus.

Make Money. Save Money.

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What do we do?

Our practices had to evolve and we looked at every aspect from business to supplies to all our other partners in the industry.

Find out how we save money for you and ourselves (where we reveal all the secrets for you to either take advantage of our connections or do it yourself).

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Our world is changing rapidly

Business is tough. If you're in a constant endeavour to be better clinically, or make smart business decisions,... we get it. We do the same for our own offices.

At any given point, we're constantly updating and sharing what we find for our own practices. This is forever evolving. Please visit us often to find that edge.

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 up to be easy for dentists to use

What do we even have?

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Professional Directory

Find accountants, banks, credit cards, and more. Professionals that have built their careers on helping dentists. Get programs tailored to your needs.

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Top Notch CE Courses, the Way you Like it

Search for CE courses the way you like it. Filter by location, delivery method, subject, and more - all at once. Looking for courses just became easy.

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Network of Users

Our Top Picks

With the state of the economy, we used Dent247 and all its contacts/resources, to look at EVERY aspect of our practice to see how to save money or make money without sacrificing quality. See our top list.

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The Best Product Explorer in Dentistry

If you think Amazon is the best product explorer out there, you clearly haven't tried our product explorer. Let us blow your mind.

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