Surgical Instruments

What's the deal:
We have bought forceps on ebay, amazon and we know they are "disposable". The instruments we have found are "specialty" instruments of EXTREME high quality...with a TEN YEAR GUARANTEE. Enough said.
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Instruments Built to Last a Decade

There's a Reason They are Called the "Rolls Royce of Instruments":

Thumlok Technology ✔

NEVER fails to disengage. Proprietary locking mechanism found in ALL of Laschal's instruments. Lessens your frustrations, makes surgical procedures goo smooth, and gives you and the patient peace of mind.

No Joint to Snag a Suture ✔

Tying knots can now be done much faster and with less frustration, from beginner to seasoned veteran.

Grasp Any Size, No Splaying ✔

The Snagless Needleholder's featherlite weight, coupled with impeccable strength means you can strongly grasp any size needle without ever splaying!

Never Rust, Corrode, Loosen ✔

The only instruments in town that are guaranteed to last a LIFETIME. Truly built to last a decade. Comes with the Laschal Warranty.

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