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Cut the mountain of fees, time taken to keep training and retraining staff, and move to a simple, flexible cloud-based solution that gets the job done. Now for a magnificently low, exclusive price.
50% OFF for the first 12 months (Regular price $549)

Are you tired of clunky practice management softwares that are not flexible and require physical, in-house storage?

Now, you can get simple, clean, effective and cloud-based practice management software that gives you the power and control to take your practice to new heights...wherever you are

  • Does Your Staff Spend Too Much Time Pulling Files When They Could Be Serving Patients? Comprehensive time management tools facilitate maximum clinic efficiencies
  • Does Your Software Vendor Really Understand Your Practice Needs? Dovetail was built by a Dentist for Dentist’s
  • Are You Spending Countless Hours Documenting After 5pm? The Dovetail mobile cloud platform delivers 100% freedom to work from anywhere anytime
  • Does Your Current Software Make You Feel Like A Data Entry Clerk? Our personalized exams and progress notes make you feel as though Dovetail was written just for you
  • Are You Worried That Faxing Patient Data Can Lead To Security And Compliance Issues? Send emails securely to your patients using Dovetail’s media share platform
  • Do You Need To Reduce Waiting Room Overhead And Administrative Overhead? Dovetail patient portal facilitates online scheduling, patient data management, medical history and accounting
  • Not 100% Paperless? Dovetail is a comprehensive EDR plus practice management software which delivers a 100% paperless solution
  • Cant Figure Out How To Scale Your Practice? Integrated messaging tools facilitate both marketing campaigns and direct messaging from within the app
  • Cant Figure Out How To Leave A “Post-It” Mindset? Dovetail chat is a built-in, secure inter/intra office communication tool that virtually streamlines digital communications
  • Having A Hard Time Tracking Employee Hours? “Dovetail punch” easy to use punch clock securely registers employee work hours.

Exclusively through Dent247, Get 50% OFF for the first 12 months (Regular price $549)

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