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You want to make payments seamless and easy for both patient and office. That's why we spent time and effort finding a membership plan software that cuts the extra work and brings in more revenue.

One general rule for all successful practices is that they make it easy for the patients to give us money. Financial arrangements through financing companies is one option. Membership plans is a fairly new option that has a place for the complete office.

What you don’t want is to be bogged down with administration and a mountain of paperwork. You want to make it seamless and easy for both the patient and the office.

That's why our #1 recommendation is DentalHQ.

Easily create custom plans and cut administrative hassle through automation and a user-friendly dashboard.  

Founded by a successfully practicing dentist, the platform has innovative features to quickly grow your membership base and get patients back on the schedule for additional procedures outside of preventive and perio cleanings.  

In-house membership plans are NOT discount plans and the DentalHQ Client Success Team will consult with you to get the reimbursement rate you decide, train your team for best practices to get new members, offer marketing support, and continued 24/7 support for any additional help you might need.  

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