Endodontic Instruments

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Endo file system that is stronger, more flexible than the rest, and half the price. If you use ProTaper, then use FlexTaper...
15% OFF Any File System

Stronger. More Flexible. Half the Price. Made in the USA

If you use ProTaper, then use FlexTaper
If you use WaveOne Gold, then use FlexPlatinum
If you need ease of use and resterilization, then use FlexWave
  • Same specifications as major brands
  • Better quality
  • No retooling required
  • No change in technique
  • Prices that make sense

Compare Flex2Apex and Leading Brands


  • The new standard in endodontic file systems. Reduce cyclic fatigue while maximizing your conservative options


  • Efficient root canal shaping and management in a single file. Don't sacrifice a reduction in cyclic fatigue for efficiency


  • The ultimate in endo files. Maintain flexibility without sacrificing strength. A maasive reduction in cyclic fatigue

Greater Flexibility

Finally, you can keep MORE cases in house, reduce referrals, and provide more comprehensive care to your patients.

Easily navigate the most curved molar canals

Carefully selected materials for maximum ease of use

Unbelievable Savings

Save an average of $10,000 or more per year with endodontic files that are almost 50% less than other leading brands.

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