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Cleaning systems for the next generation of dentistry

  • Incredible Value
  • Professional Design, Affordable Price
  • Disposable & Reusable
  • Flexible & Comprehensive

Protect patients & staff from an aerosol-blood-borne environment. More powerful & Cost effective

Surface Disinfectant System

  • PerOxytabs II Disinfectant (1 tab = 1L) = Disinfectant without Chlorine utilizes European tablet technology and is included on Health Canada’s list for Disinfectants Accepted Under COVID-19 Interim Measure
  • Stericidal Wipes (50 per pack) = The Disposable That’s Reusable! The Stericidal Wipe is a patented, reusable microfibre wipe proven to be superior to the traditional microfibre cloth and can be used dry, damp, or wet.
  • PerOxytabs II Disinfectant Carboy Refill Station  
  • 1L Spray Bottle
  • 237 ml Spritzer Bottle (3 bottles)

Floor Cleaning System

  • The patented Stericidal Mop System with OneTab All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect combination for cleaning your floors quickly and effortlessly.
  • Stericidal Mop curved telescopic pole = Ergonomically designed to clean larger areas in the same amount of time, thus increasing employee efficiently and reducing labor costs by up to 50%!
  • Small (25cm) and Medium (40cm) Heads = With its flat-head design, this mop delivers consistent amounts of liquid and cleaning power to the surface while reducing puddling and wet spots.
  • 20 StericidalMop MicroPads
  • OneTab All Purpose Cleaner (25 tabs) = Hard-surface cleaner suitable for use on all surfaces specifically designed to dissolve carbon, grease and oil. Formulated using a unique blend of sodium carbonate, citric fruit acid, palm oil soap, organic oil fragrance and yellow food colouring.
  • OneTab All Purpose Cleaner Refill Station (Carboy)

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