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What's the deal:
Frustrated with all the adjustments from a lab case? Quality that puts your neck on the line? Prices that have gone crazy?....we've been there. We have tried others but always come to this one. (Only downside is they have two and half week turnaround time but the rest of the package cannot be us, try them out and see why we became fans)
40% Off Your First Lab Case

Are you tired of...

  • Open margins, high bite, or contacts that are too tight?
  • ​Dissatisfied patients?
  • ​A lab with inconsistent quality?
  • Paying too much for far less?

We have gone through MANY labs & have now found one lab that ACTUALLY has

  • Consistent Quality: The first case is as good as the 74th case
  • Refreshing Affordability: Unbeatable pricing for the kind of quality being offered

Now, we'd partnered with Magellan Dental Labs to give you even better pricing on the same consistent high-quality work they are known for. Only on this page, when you send your first lab case to Magellan Dental Labs you will get an additional 40% OFF the ALREADY low regular pricing.

Get 40% OFF your first lab case today!

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