Dental Burs

What's the deal:
Burs are a staple for all of us dentists. If they are low quality, then patient care gets affected. We found burs that cut better, faster, last longer, and have the best price.
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Stronger. Longer Lasting. A Fraction of the Price. 

Burs that work for you. 


1)Safe Shank Warranty 

2)24K Gold Plated Diamond Burs:

  • No corrosion, even under extreme conditions
  • Decreases repairs & maintenance of handpiece, increasing turbine chuck life 30-50%
  • Generates less heat, cold smooth cut
  • Self-lubricating, increasing stock removal rate
  • Significant germ reduction, reduced risk of infection
  • Impressive visual impact during procedure
  • Lowest cost reusable diamond burs

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