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SimpleSelect Patient Finance

The SimpleSelect Patient Finance program is a simple Fair and flexible option for financing cosmetic or elective medical procedures hearing aids and/or veterinary services. The program is currently available to providers in all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska. SimpleSelect is owned by East Bridge Funding the leading provider of consumer finance programs for retailers and service providers in the US and is managed and funded by a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). SimpleSelect allows patients to borrow with confidence. Our “gotcha-free” loan platform helps patients make easier and smarter financial choices.  This saves the patient and the practice thousands in unnecessary interest and fees.

SimpleSelect is the smart financial choice for dental or orthodontics procedure and treatment plans.

SimpleSelect Patient Finance® offers the simplest and safest dental financing option available in industry.   With no “gotcha” language and no origination fees, patients can easily understand SimpleSelect’s clear terms. Our closed-end, fixed rate installment loan product with terms up to 60 months, ensures that patients will get the amount of financing they need with low, fixed payments that are affordable on any budget.


A SimpleSelect loan is NOT A CREDIT CARD has no financially dangerous “promotional” loan offers such as deferred interest. Our interest rates are fixed and never change. SimpleSelect offers two simple types of loans. Our SimpleSelect Standard™ loan is designed for the patient on a budget. With terms up to 60 months and an interest rate at 14.99% fixed, patients can choose a payment that fits their budget. Our SimpleSelect Zero™ loans are shorter term loans written at 0% fixed interest so patients pay no interest…EVER!

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