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Why RevenueWell

At RevenueWell, we enjoy the somewhat rare luxury of knowing exactly what we make, what we sell, and what our customers buy from us. Our software brings doctors and patients together, making patients healthier and doctors more successful in what they do.

This clarity of purpose changes things. We can take risks. We can course correct as we go. We can say “no” to things that don’t fit. But most of all, we can grow fast, innovate intensely, and invest in our people, knowing that we’re working on a problem worth solving. And THAT makes for a pretty special place to work.

What We Stand For

We have core ideals. If you have these too, and want to work with a team that stands for them, stands for our customers, and stands for each other, then we want you on our team.

Always solve for your customer’s success

We are fanatical about understanding our customers’ business, staying close to our users, and putting them first every step of the way.

Do the right thing for the right reasons

We will always take the high road in our dealings with our customers, partners, employees, competitors, and random people who can’t do anything for us. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Treat RevenueWell-ers like friends and family

We’re always fair, open, supportive, and respectful of everyone who calls RevenueWell home.

Have fun kicking ass at what you do

We love to be the best, and we love to have fun doing it. We won’t give that up no matter how big we get or where the business takes us.

Always be curious

We take great pride in being inquisitive and digging deep as much as we love coloring outside the lines, asking the right questions, and pushing ourselves to try new things.

Become 1% better every day

We believe great things aren’t built overnight, but we know daily improvement compounds to something awesome.

Share and be informed

We always do better when we work together. We work tirelessly to create transparency, collaboration, and clarity of purpose for everyone on our team.

Move quickly and don’t look back

We learn from each other, and spend zero time obsessing over our mistakes. We try again, we iterate quickly, and we test to create a better outcome.

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