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My Smile TV

My Smile TV is a highly advanced and progressive Smart TV Technology delivering supreme efficiencies and revolutionary marketing solutions to dentists worldwide. My Smile TV offers dental professionals marketing strategies that are unparallel to any media marketing tool available today! My Smile TV invites dentists' access to an essential program library that can be easily enhanced by the My Smile TV subscriber at any time with extra choices to daily news, weather and entertainment shows.

Endorsed by many progressive dentists, My Smile TV is comprised of a variety of entertainment media industry veterans within television, theatrical motion picture, advertising, leading dental professionals and advanced technologies. My Smile TV is advertiser and sponsor supported, delivering the advantages into the hands of the capable, oral healthcare professional first.

The My Smile TV service Professional Networking encourages dentists to share their videos, images and marketing techniques with other professional My Smile TV subscribers. Subscribers have the leading tools to tailor programming to their audience. My Smile TV's key features offer dental professionals and their staff the express ability to augment the effectiveness of their communication with patient and case treatment acceptance while building efficiencies to marketing expenditures.

Since 2002, My Smile TV has delivered high-quality programming and messaging to oral healthcare offices with its trademark associates. A doctor's primary focus is patient care while their administration is the daily operations of the business. Marketing is always an apprehension for many dental professionals. My Smile TV is the most efficient marketing partner for the professional to increasing patient flow and awareness. My Smile TV takes advantage of practice wait times by exploiting your services.

My Smile TV Subscribers have the advantage of key, cost efficient services with our Referral Program, Anytime/Anywhere CE, Patient Education and Internal Marketing Television.

My Smile TV has partnered with the leading provider of data and interactive resources to assist its subscribers in targeted campaigns, effective marketing and insightful research solutions with the most comprehensive consumer data in the nation.

My Smile TV asserts that the information you are provided will command innovative marketing channels to increasing patient flow and primary treatment. With My Smile TV, rest assured that we are assertively marketing to consumers for sponsored treatments of your services.

Connect worldwide with Professional Networking! Open the doors to professionals helping and sharing key solutions with other professionals.

Exchange videos within or expand your professional network - construct dynamic marketing approaches with a pre-established video library, design playlists and customize it by adding image, video or text messaging and pre-build custom marketing techniques with other professionals along the way!

Personalize your marketing anytime with daily news; top headlines, sports, entertainment, weather and even a 'happy birthday' greeting – within seconds! These approaches are the most effective in counseling dentists throughout the world, representing a union of communication among dentists!

My Smile TV's Internal TV Marketing is the most valuable and highly effective internal marketing tool working harder and longer for you. My Smile TV is engineered for your business - distributing the right information at the right time!

With your My Smile TV initiative, customers are rewarded and shown gratitude for the trust and confidence they place in your hands.

Give them something to smile about!

When your patient sees their name across My Smile TV – they see your gratitude!

The traditional marketing mindset is established with My Smile TV's advanced capabilities. Whether it is your staff asking for referrals, displaying testimonial letters, placing signs in the office that show referrals are appreciated, wall posters of your service or displaying patient testimonials, My Smile TV has you covered!

My Smile TV continually..

  • Motivates patient inquiries,
  • Increases patient recall on services,
  • Re-enforces practice message,
  • Delivers referral efforts with impact,
  • Bridges internal and external referrals,
  • Reduces stress with a 24/7 virtual sales module,
  • Reduces repetitive monotony of selling or over-selling of services,
  • Allows you to focus on patient care,
  • Reduces patient anxiety
  • Provides awareness of new and existing services,
  • Delivers general to urgent messages,
  • Recognizes and rewards patients for their referrals.

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