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It's Relevant

The Best TV for Your Waiting & Exam Rooms

It's Relevant TV is the all-in-one solution that combines the attractiveness and appeal of up-to-date family-friendly television programming with easy to control digital messaging solutions that both entertain and educate your patients.

Raise Patient Satisfaction

Patients come first. It's Relevant provides TV programs to match the interests of your patients to increase their satisfaction and reduce perceived wait time. Promotes positive reviews and future visits.

Promote Your Services

Educate your patients in a gentle way about what your practice has to offer. When they know more about the services you offer, they will be more likely to return and refer friends and family.

Share Your Videos and Social Media

Display your real-time social media and your own video content on your TVs. Introduce your staff, share tips that matter, and get patients to notice the content you want them to see.

Distinctive Features

It's Relevant TV has many features that have made it the top choice for dental offices across the country.

Up-to-Date Television

We have one of the largest libraries of TV content anywhere in the world. Updated multiple times a day, we have 1,000,000+ minutes of content!

Real-Time Social Media

Share your latest posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter full screen on your TV! Encourage visitors to follow you so you can stay in touch after they leave.

No Loop!

Most custom TV systems use playlists that repeat content over and over throughout the day. We don't! We keep things interesting, and your patients engaged.

Live News Ticker

Choose the type of news headlines you'd like to see on your TV (World Headlines, State Headlines, Sports, etc.) or put your own custom text up!

Digital Signage

Display your own visual ads and promotions. You have unlimited ad spots and can update them 24/7.

5-Day Weather Forecast

Live 5-day weather forecast, for each location's zip code, making it more accurate than regional TV forecasts.

Online Control Panel

Control your TV network 24/7, no matter where you are. Desktop, tablet & phone compatible. Unlimited updates, no additional cost.

Competitive Ad Block®

Block television ads for competing office and from Pharmaceutical companies from ever appearing on your TV.

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