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iCare Financial patient financing is a full-service consumer financial organization in dental medical automotive and consumer service verticals. We offer consumer and patient financial programs for 0% interest Everyone APPROVED with No Credit Check! Instead of offering your patients and customers another credit card we offer a unique payment solution on one platform that accepts all your patients and customers. By offering iCare you have a streamlined platform at your finger tips that you can access from your computer desktop and that is submitted securely through the internet in a matter of seconds. Nationally recognized, our consumer and patient financial programs provide businesses with powerful revenue streams for optimum results. iCare is made available to providers throughout the United States. Getting iCare set up in your business today is easy. By calling today your business could be up and running offering iCare to your customer or patients in as little as 5 business days!

If you are a patient or a consumer, you are in the right spot!

Our program allows you to be set up on monthly payments through your local iCare provider. If you were directed here by your provider's website please do one of the following:

  • Visit your local iCare provider. At which time they will walk you through the easy steps and provide you access to our no credit check Financing program.
  • Contact them by phone and their iCare coordinator will be happy to explain our easy access and setup.

Have them contact you for more information. Use the contact form below.

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