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Healthcare Finance Direct

A profitable pay-over-time option for every single patient

Get paid for nearly every patient. Keep the principle and the interest. Do it all without worrying about compliance or debt servicing.

We believe in making healthcare more accessible.

In the United States, access to good healthcare can be expensive. Thousands of patients postpone the treatment they need every year because they lack cash or can’t access credit. At the same time, providers lose revenue because they can’t provide care for those patients.

We founded Healthcare Finance Direct with the belief that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Healthcare Finance Direct has changed the lives of over 500,000 patients who needed financing for their procedures. Our Pay-Over-Time programs mean doctors can approve 100% of those patients needing financing regardless of credit history.At Healthcare Finance Direct, we believe every doctor sets out to serve their patients with the best possible care. However, unfortunate financial circumstances make it nearly impossible for everyone to receive the medical services they need, and primary lending only solves half of the problem. Our model is being adopted by thousands of medical practices because it allows doctors to serve nearly all of their patients in a profitable manner, benefiting their practice.

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