n this review we go over our top 6 picks for hands-on oral surgery courses. We found six exceptional courses:

  1. We Teach Extractions
  2. Third Molar Extractions: South Beach Dental Training Institute (SOBE)
  3. Koerner Centre
  4. Ogram System
  5. Amplify Dental
  6. DDSMasters

Why take Oral Surgery courses?

Oral surgery, specifically tooth extractions, is one of the most common skills in a dentists’ toolkit. Some believe that oral surgery can be learned from practice alone. Yet finding the right course(s) can help you dramatically improve your tooth extraction skills in a short period of time and put you on a lucrative path to practice success.

What to look for in an oral surgery course

Like any other investment in yourself or practice, there are some criteria that need to be considered before making a commitment. Similarly, when it comes to finding the right oral surgery course for you take, here are some criteria to consider:


The standard course formats apply to oral surgery courses. You can take online courses, in-person lecture-style courses, hands-on, and live-patient surgery courses. Depending on your theoretical competence and ability to pick skills up through practice, a combination of any of these courses may be the best option.

Live patient

The live-patient surgical course format has generated much traction in dentistry over the past few decades. Its primary strength is the ability for dentists to come out of the course confident in their own skills after having actually applied their learnings in a real-life setting. This type of learning, many would contend, is unbeatable.


Depending on where you live, there may be some restrictions in terms of where you can take certain courses. Some states allow temporary licenses for dentists to be able to take such courses and operate on live-patients. Other states do not allow for such an arrangement. Be sure to double-check your eligibility in this context before making a commitment to a course.


In oral surgery, as in any other course you take, considering the quality of the instructor goes without saying. It is, however, important to look for instructors that have

  • A good reputation with past participants
  • The necessary qualifications and experience
  • The relationship between instructors and any partners/sponsors

Post-Course follow up

Some courses provide participants the opportunity to join and contribute to closed groups, oftentimes with the instructor(s) themselves. These forums provide participants with a way to continually build on what they learn initially.


The belief that cost and quality are correlated has a truth to it. Yet, that only goes so far. It’s important to compare different courses to get an idea of what kind of value you may get for the price you pay.

It’s also important to understand what your budget for the year is.

  • Are your priorities aligned with what the courses have to offer?
  • Within the same timeline that you have in mind as well?
  • How can you tell the quality of a course before committing the money?

One of the blessings of the internet has been the increase in opportunities for consumers (of all kinds) to hold companies and organizations accountable for the quality they provide. Official course reviews/ratings, and discussions in dentist-specific forums are a great opportunity for you to get a deeper insight into the quality of a course before committing the money.

Depending on the course provider, you may also have the opportunity to attend or view webinars online (either for free or for a nominal amount) in order for you to get a better feel for the speaker, the content, and the quality of the presentation.

We Teach Extractions

Dr. Tommy Murph is well known in American dentistry for his quality week-long course in Guatemala. With a relentless focus on speed in extractions, dentists completing his course are able to increase their speed while doing extractions and be confident while doing so as well. In addition to your own professional development, dentists have the opportunity to offer charitable services to some of the local population. In terms of price, Dr. Murph’s course is competitively priced and, depending on what your oral surgery priorities are, maybe the right option for you.

Third Molar Extractions: South Beach Dental Training Institute (SOBE)

Dr. Arun Garg is probably one of the most influential continuing education providers in the industry, especially when it comes to implants and surgical techniques. Among the variety of courses offered by the South Beach Dental Training Institute (SOBE for short) is a high-value, one of a kind course in third molar extractions. With the ample opportunity to operate and the backing of a high-quality didactic portion, this third molar extraction course is one of the hardest to beat. In terms of price, this course is also competitively priced and offers more value than the price tag.

Koerner Center

If you’re looking for something comprehensive, with different course formats, and a community to be part of, then Dr. Koerner’s institute is a great place to be. With one of the best of quality in terms of content and expertise, Dr. Koerner’s team is focused on giving you the very best opportunity to excel at oral surgery in your practices. The blend of online/offline didactic, hands-on, and live-surgery offer you the chance to dive deep into the subject while still coming out of it confident in your practical abilities.

Ogram System

The Ogram system is a unique course on the market. Developed by medical engineer Mr. Gunnar Philip, and refined in both the USA and Europe, the Ogram System offers a scientific protocol for atraumatic extraction that is both refreshing and eye-opening. Those who have taken this course come out with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in their ability to consistently and predictably offer the same high-quality service to all their oral surgery patients. In terms of course follow up, the instructor is approachable enough and encourages maintaining a relationship after the course in order to continue the learning and accelerating process.

Amplify Dental

Amplify Dental has four different levels, a stellar faculty, and the opportunity to perform live-patient surgery without leaving the USA. With the right balance of convenience, quality, and practical opportunities, dentists in this course are typically more than satisfied with the end result. Their confidence and understanding of oral surgery and tooth extractions automatically take a giant leap forward. If you are looking for a course that offers a live-surgical experience without having to leave the USA, then this might be the course for you.


DDSMasters offers high quality, practical education for general dentists. Their oral surgery courses are taught by world-class instructors, and provide ample opportunities for both intensive didactic as well as hands-on live-patient experience. The course is typically structured as a one week intesive with one or two days of didactic and hands on experience, and 4 to 6 days of intensive live-patient experience with over-the-shoulder mentoring and guidance. If you’re looking to confidently ramp up your extraction and oral surgery skills, then DDSMasters might be the right fit for you.


Planning your advancement in oral surgery is made easy with a phenomenal list to choose from (by no means exhaustive). Remember that it is important to understand where you are headed and how oral surgery fits into the bigger picture. This will allow you to make the most of the selection criteria and lead you to the right decision. At the end of the day, the criteria of live-patient, format, instructor, location, course follow up and the price will help you choose the right course for your end goal.

Dent247 Editorial Staff

March 1, 2021
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