or a quick summary of the 7 Best Hands-On Endodontic Courses Summarized in dentistry, click on any course below. We'll go over the following courses:

  1. Endodontics Unsponsored: Shaping, Cleaning, and Obturation of Root Canal Systems
  2. BC Endo Solutions Program
  3. DE Labs: The Art of Endodontics
  4. Next Level Endodontics: Comprehensive Endodontics
  5. Clinical Dental Training: Endodontic Solutions
  6. IDEA: Mini-Residency in State of the Art Endodontics
  7. Dr. Brett Gilbert: Energized Endodontics: Strategies for Safe and Successful Treatment
  8. Bonus Course: DDSMasters: Parachute Endo Course - How to Bail Out with Retreatment and Surgery

Why take hands-on endodontic courses

Endodontic treatment can arguably be one of the more lucrative sets of procedures for a practice. They can also be quite commonplace. Knowing how to do the basics of endodontics, at the very least, can help you become more profitable, and effective at providing quality care to your patients.

Different types of hands-on endodontic courses


Depending on your current level of proficiency in endodontic treatments, there are a variety of courses available. The digitization of the dental industry has also given rise to some very high quality online courses in endodontics taught be world-class instructors. This may be a great place to start for someone who has no idea what they would like from learning about endodontics.

For beginners in the field looking to make endodontics part of their core practice, taking comprehensive endodontic programs or mini residencies would be the best starting point.

For those already immersed in endodontics, and looking to reduce the amount of referrals for complicated procedures, like retreatment, then 1 or 2 day courses on advanced endodontic procedures would be great places to go.

What to look for in a Hands-on endodontics course

Regardless of the type of hands-on course you are looking to take, the criteria that should be considered are generally the same. Here is a list of some important things to look for when looking at different courses to take:


  • The instructor(s) of the course is important to consider. Are they well-known? Can you find reviews about them among your dental peers? Are they experts in the field of endodontics?


  • Usually, such courses offer a combination of formats including didactic, hands-on with extracted teeth and models, and live-patient demonstrations. Sometimes you will have the opportunity to bring your own patient for a supervised live-treatment


  • Considering other factors like your own work schedule and other commitments, how much time are you willing to put aside for a course in endodontics? Generally, these courses can range from 1 to 4 days in length


  • Look for great deals for these courses
  • They could be early-bird specials, referral incentives, or any other types of deals
  • Consider your CE budget for the year, and plan accordingly


  • If you can find the same, if not better quality, course in your neighbourhood, it may make more sense to register locally

Endodontics Unsponsored: Shaping, Cleaning, and Obturation of Root Canal Systems

Dr. Mark Oleson has built a reputation for quality education through intimate class sizes, and objective instruction. Probably known best for giving you a solid understanding of different systems to use, without promoting any one to you. There are also multiple systems for you to try out at his courses. With a reasonable price-point, great location, and balanced course load, you can expect to receive great value from Dr. Oleson’s course.

  • Instructor: Dr. Mark Oleson
  • Duration: 2-day course
  • Layout: 50% didactic, 50% laboratory work
  • CE Credits: 16
  • Price: $2600 CAD + GST
  • Location: Office of North Shore Endodontics North Vancouver, British Columbia

BC Endo Solutions Program

Another great course offering for dentists looking to make endodontics a regular part of their practice offerings. With 4 world-class instructors, 3-days of intense lecture, hands-on, and live-patient demonstrations, you can expect to receive more value than what you pay for. A unique feature of this program is that it is one of the few courses that gives you the opportunity to bring in your patients for live-patient procedures with one-to-one coaching and supervision.

  • Instructors: Dr Joel Fransen, Dr Pommy Hallen, Dr Michael Sha, Dr Farnad Rezaie
  • Duration: 3-day course
  • Layout: Day 1 and 2: lecture plus hands-on lab work. Day 3: live-patient demo with option of own patient treatment
  • CE Credits: 24
  • Price: $2800 CAD + GST
  • Location: Pacific Oral Health Society Surrey, British Columbia

DE Labs: The Art of Endodontics

A known heavy-weight in the field of endodontics, you can expect first-class quality from any instruction provided by Dr. Buchanan. With an innovative approach to learning, the didactic portion is mostly setup as pre-course material that should be gone through before coming to the course. That means you have 2 days of hands-on practice and coaching from one of the world’s leading experts.

  • Instructor: Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan
  • Duration: 2-day course
  • Layout: Pre-course learning (textbook, technical guide, video) and hands-on training
  • CE Credits: 16 to 18
  • Price: $2885 USD
  • Location: Dental Engineering Labs, Santa Barbara, California

Next Level Endodontics: Comprehensive Endodontics

Dr. Martin Trope has been offering endodontic courses for a long time now. Yet, the value you can expect is always increasing. Not only can you expect to learn from Dr. Trope and some of the best instructors in endodontics, but you can also expect to top it off with world-class education in restorative dentistry from the likes of Dr. Alan Atlas. With a packed 4-day course, 6 instructors, and a combination of didactic, hands-on (attendees to bring 20 extracted teeth), and live-patient demonstrations, you can expect to make the most of every dollar spent here.

  • Instructors: Dr. Martin Trope, Dr. Alan Atlas, Dr. James Hupp, Dr. Bekir Karabucak, Dr. Meetu Kohli, Dr. Frank Setzer
  • Duration: 4-day course
  • Layout: Didactic, Hands-on (attendees bring 20 extracted teeth), Live-patient Demonstration
  • CE credits: 32
  • Price: $5000 USD
  • Dental Future Centre, Pennsylvania

Clinical Dental Training: Endodontic Solutions

As a veteran in the field of endodontics, Dr. Glassman provides a valuable array of courses to the general dentist. His Endodontic Solutions Program is one of the best in the industry, and offers phenomenal value for a great price. It is a 4-day course, with a combination of didactic, hands-on model training, and live-patient demonstration. Located conveniently in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, this course is great for anyone inside and outside Toronto.

  • Instructor: Dr. Gary Glassman
  • Duration: 4-day course
  • Layout: Didactic, Hands-on model training, Live-patient demonstration
  • CE Credits: 32
  • Price: $3750 CAD + HST
  • Location: Allied Centre for Continuing Dental Education

IDEA: Mini-Residency in State-of-the-Art Endodontics: Experience Your Endodontic Excellence

The Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy – IDEA provides the highest standard of continuing dental education. This endodontic course is like a mini-residency and focuses on hands-on and one-on-one mentoring with world-renowned instructors John and Jordan West, and their team. Drs. West will tailor their teaching to “where you are currently and where  you want to be.” They prepare in advance for you. The small group format at IDEA allows for individualized training in breakout sessions to answer your needs and challenges. It has a maximum of only 16 participants and everyone has literally their own dental clinic with a microscope in the lab. There is no manufacturer influence and no reps on campus. Hotel, local transportation, freshly prepared meals are included in the course package. You will return to your practice prepared to successfully integrate Molar Endodontics on Monday.

  • Instructors: Dr. John West, Dr. Jordan West
  • Duration: 4-day course
  • Layout: Didactic, Hands-on, One-on-One Mentoring, individual case discussions
  • CE Credits: 36
  • Price: $9,890 USD Hotel Option, and $9,290 USD No Hotel Option
  • Location: Foster City, California

Dr. Brett Gilbert: Energized Endodontics: Strategies for Safe and Successful Treatment

Dr. Brett Gilbert is an expert in endodontics, and offers an innovative format to teaching. With flexibility in where he teaches, Dr. Gilbert offers two standard approaches for his course “Energized Endodontics”. You can take it in a full day + half day, or half day + half day format. You would need to check his upcoming calendar to see where the next courses are being offered and may need to contact his team for more information on pricing.

  • Instructor: Dr. Brett Gilbert
  • Layout: Either full-day lecture with half-day workshop, or half-day lecture and half-day workshop
  • CE Credits: N/A
  • Price: Varies
  • Location: Varies

DDSMasters: Parachute Endo Course – How to Bail Out With Retreatment & Surgery

Dr. “Win” Nguyen is a an expert in endodontics, and takes a unique and refreshing approach to endodontics for the general dentist. DDSMasters has partnered with Dr. Nguyen to help dentists attain a higher level of endodontic skill and confidence in order to keep more procedures in house. Dr. Nguyen teaches his signature “Root Camp” series around the world. You can expect, at the minimum, 2 to 3 days of intensive didactic and hands-on learning. This initiation into higher level endodontics will give you an opportunity to go further and gain real life experience too.  

  • Instructor: Dr. Nguyen “Win” Nguyen
  • Layout: Full-day lectures combined with hands-on workshops with the option for live demonstration and/or live patient experience
  • CE Credits: 21 credits for 3 full days
  • Price: $2899 to $4299
  • Location: Varies


Planning your entry into endodontics, or advancing your great skill so far is easy to do with a phenomenal selection of courses. Remember that you want to choose a course that will give you the value you need to boost your practice growth considerably as well as take your skills to the next level. Considerations like the instructor, layout, duration, price, and location will help you make the right decision.

Dent247 Editorial Staff

April 27, 2021
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