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Review of the 7 best rotary endo file systems that give you the biggest bang for your buck

1. Flex2Apex

  • Material used:NiTi with patented Heat-treated technology
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue: 316 cycles on the FlexWave File
  • Vendor advertised strengths: Better quality at half the price
  • Technique required & compatibility: Same technique as WaveOne/EdgeEndo
  • Price: $45 per pack (6 or 3 pack)
  • Service: Sold through dealers. 

2. ProTaper Next

  • Material used: M-Wire NiTi alloy
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue: Measured in seconds - 180 seconds until breakage
  • Vendor advertised strengths: Rectangular cross-section design for greater strength. Unique Asymmetric Rotary (AR) Motion that further enhances ProTaper canal shaping efficiency. Proven M-Wire® NiTi alloy for increased flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Technique required & compatibility: Same technique as the original ProTaper
  • Price: N/A
  • Service: Personalized service available through phone, email, and dealer rep contact

3. Waveone Gold

  • Material used: Advanced metallurgy
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue: “WaveOne® Gold Primary file is 50% more resistant to cyclic fatigue than WaveOne® Primary file”
  • Vendor advertised strengths: WaveOne® Gold increases patient safety, while reducing shaping time by 53% across a wide range of cases. 
  • Technique required & compatibility: Single-file technique for shaping canals
  • Price: N/A
  • Service: Personalized service available through phone, email, and dealer rep contact

4. EdgeEndo’s EdgeTaper Series

  • Material used:  Heat-treated FireWire™ NiTi
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue: Measured in seconds - 677 average time to failure
  • Vendor advertised strengths: Unmatched flexibility, No bounce back, Incredible Strength
  • Technique required & compatibility: Same technique and ProTaper® and ProTaper Gold®
  • Price: N/A
  • Service: Sold through dealers. 

5. SS White Exact File System

  • Material used: NiTi with proprietary Heat Matrix process and technology
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue: 359 cycles on the ExactGuide 
  • Vendor advertised strengths: Ultimate trio of strength, flexibility, and controlled memory
  • Technique required & compatibility: Same technique as WaveOne/EdgeEndo
  • Price:  N/A
  • Service: Contact through website or phone. Entire team of support dedicated to the end user.

6. Kerr ZenFlex™

  • Material used: Brass, Nickel-Titanium and a latex-free silicone stopper
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue: Measured in seconds - Almost 6 seconds
  • Vendor advertised strengths: Maximum Strength. Minimally Invasive. Featuring an ideal balance of strength and flexibility, ZenFlex lets you reach the full working length with reduced risk of breakage while preserving more tooth integrity.
  • Technique required & compatibility: Technique found in IFU for this product
  • Price: N/A
  • Service: Direct service available or through a dealer rep.

7. DiaDent Dia-X

  • Material used: Heat treated premium nickel titanium
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue: Fracture resistance is 143% greater than Dia-PTTM Files
  • Vendor advertised strengths: Enhanced safety. Greater accessibility. Highly integrable
  • Technique required & compatibility:  Designed to work interchangeably with your current technique and system
  • Price: $38CAD per box of 4
  • Service: Available directly or through dealer rep

6 criteria to consider when choosing new or old endodontic file systems 

A. Material used 

The industry standard when it comes to rotary endo files is either stainless steel or  NiTI (nickel titanium). These are strong, offer degrees of flexibility and can be cost-effective depending on the vendor you choose. 

Different vendors have also developed additional technologies to enhance the strength and flexibility of the NiTi files they develop. Understanding the efficacy of “heat-treated”, “gold”, and other material types will also help determine the best option for your practice

B. Resistance to cyclic fatigue that indicates strength and durability

With rotary files, you want something that has the strength and durability to withstand different situations. Resistance to cyclic fatigue can give you a precise measure of how reliable the files can be relative to other brands. The greater the resistance, the better the quality of files it is.

C. Vendor advertised strengths give you an idea of what the files can do well

All endo file systems will be developed and marketed with a different angle in mind. Understand whether files are being marketed on the competitive pricing they offer, superior quality, or ability to interact with other systems (i.e is it a closed or open system?)

D. Technique required & compatibility helps you determine how steep of a learning curve there is

It’s one thing to switch or start using a brand new system. It’s quite another to learn a whole new technique. The costs for this can easily start piling up with multiple CE courses, and other expenses you would not have initially accounted for. A sign of a good endo file system is its compatibility with techniques that are mainstream and currently popular. This can ensure the easiest transition for you without having to worry about picking up a new technique.

E. Price has to be reasonable and must justify itself in relation to ROI

Quality, technique, and effectiveness are important considerations. Yet, if you can get all those at a price that works for your practice, then you have hit the jackpot. It’s no secret that dentists are now much more in tune with their financial positions and will be looking for any opportunity to save and cut costs without risking or compromising on quality. Endodontic file systems can be a great source of savings if you look in the right places

F. Service when it comes to technical and logistical issues is important for your peace of mind and confidence in the files you use

All vendors offer some kind of client support. Whether it is through your dealer or directly from the manufacturer, understand any warranties, training, and in person/over-the-phone/online support that is offered. A company that invests in you through client support mechanisms is a sign that they are willing to do what is in your and the patients’ best interests.


So there you have it. These 6 criteria, when taken into account, will help you make the best decision about the endo files you want to start (or continue) using into the long term. It’s not just about the brand and what everyone around you uses. What should be clear to you by now is that each file system has its benefits….but also drawbacks. Read between the lines and you will know exactly which file system will truly fit your style best. At the end of the day, it’s about your professional and financial growth.  

Dent247 Editorial Team

April 13, 2021
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