n this review, we'll go over our top 5 picks for dental delivery systems, including:

  1. A-dec 500
  2. SDS – Summit Dental Systems
  3. Belmont Quolis 5000 Delivery System
  4. Dentsply Intego
  5. Pelton and Crane

What to Look for in a Dental Delivery System

Dental delivery systems are part of the core of a dental operatory. The delivery system helps determine how a dentist’s workflow will occur in that operatory and, as a result, the quality of interaction to be had with patients.

As a dentist and practice owner/manager, you will either need to replace an old and outdated delivery system, or buy one for a brand new office. Whatever the reason for the purchase of a delivery system, there are a few things that need to be considered. Here is a list of some of the most important considerations when buying the best dental delivery system for you:

Delivery type

  • There are different delivery methods, and each one is dependent on a number of different factors. Size of the room, type of typical patient, and ergonomic requirements of the dentist are all factors that go into determining which type would work best. Some of the types available are:
  • Over the head
  • Over the patient
  • Side delivery
  • Rear delivery
  • “Ambidextrous”

Ergonomic Considerations

  • Depending on whether you are right or left handed, and on your typical posture, certain types of delivery might be more useful. Some brands offer features that help improve the ergonomic quality of the delivery experience for both the dentist and the patient.
  • It is important to be able to sample delivery systems before deciding on a purchase


  • With a large purchase like a delivery system, you need to be sure that the company you work with is there with you when you need them most. Warranty policies, support structures, and flexibility are all important to consider. The more opportunity to stay connected, and the more investment into support a company has the better you can expect your relationship to be with said company


  • Of course, price is important. Take a look at your budget, and find out if you can get what you need for the best price possible

A-dec 500

When it comes to quality and reliability, A-dec dominates the market. With superior quality in design and functionality, A-dec makes it a point to ensure that your needs are central when building products for the dental office. With its agility in offering different delivery types, the A-dec 500 system will keep you satisfied for the long term. In addition to multiple delivery types, the A-dec 500 comes with left/right conversions that can adapt to dentists who are either left or right. In addition to the great quality of the product, the support offered coupled with a 5-year warranty is unmatched.

  • Delivery Type: Traditional and continental, and 12 O’ Clock duo
  • Ergonomic Consideration: Left/right conversions available
  • Support/Warranty: 5-year warranty on delivery systems, plus online and in-person support (check with your authorized dealer for more)
  • Price: Request a quote here

SDS – Summit Dental Systems

Summit Dental Systems specializes in operatory equipment. The innovative drive behind the company has given rise to dental systems that are chair-mounted, rear mounted, or even cabinet-mounted (allowing for a seamless and inviting integration for the patient). SDS also prides itself on reliable and fast support for its products with the unique SDS Connect feature. With an NFC code on each item, getting help is as easy as a barcode scan.

  • Delivery Type: Chair-mounted or rear/cabinet mounted units
  • Ergonomic Consideration: Can choose between different models to suit your ergonomic preferences in terms of delivery type
  • Support/Warranty: Unique SDS Connect feature allows for real-time troubleshooting and support, allowing for time and cost savings in the long run
  • Price: Request a quote here

Belmont Quolis 5000 Delivery System

The Quolis 5000 delivery system is unique in its offering of a tabletop that may be rotated 190° left or right. The system was built with ergonomic efficiency in mind and offers flexible configurations according to what suits the dentist best. A 5-year limited warranty and quick support available make the Belmont a trusted partner in the dental office.

  • Delivery Type: Tabletops may be rotated 190° right or left
  • Ergonomic Consideration: Built for maximum ergonomic efficiency with flexible configurations
  • Support/Warranty: 5-year limited warranty and quick support available for quick response time and assistance
  • Price: Request a quote here

Dentsply Intego

Dentsply’s Intego is a full-fledged treatment centre, offering solutions for dentists of all types and needs. The Intego comes in a basic, pro, and ambidextrous version. The delivery type is either a hanging hose or whip arm style, with the option of right/left interchange. The Intego features a unique ErgoMotion consideration meant to improve the ergonomic efficiency for both dentist and patient. In addition to a quality product, Dentsply offers comprehensive support including after-sales support, technical helpdesk, and troubleshooting and technical advice.

  • Delivery Type: Either hanging hoses or whip arm style. Ambidextrous option available
  • Ergonomic Consideration: In addition to ambidextrous option, it also includes  unique ErgoMotion feature
  • Support/Warranty: Online and in person support including after-sales support, technical helpdesk, and troubleshooting and technical advice
  • Price: Request a quote here

Pelton and Crane

A leader in the field of delivery systems, Pelton & Crane offers flexible positioning for left and right conversion. The soft, squeeze-release brake system allows for proper ergonomic repositioning when and as needed. In addition to the system itself, Pelton & Crane offer comprehensive support through a resource center, technical support, and customer support services.

  • Delivery Type: Flexible positioning for right/left conversion
  • Ergonomic Consideration: Soft, squeeze-release brake system allows for ergonomic repositioning
  • Support/Warranty: Resource center, technical support, and customer support available
  • Price: Request a quote here


Choosing the best dental dental delivery system for you is crucial to the setup of an operatory. It is important to consider criteria such as delivery type, ergonomic considerations, warranty/support, and price when choosing a system. Remember, it is most important to try the systems out before purchasing. Trade shows can be great places to do so in a short amount of time.

Dent247 Editorial Staff

March 2, 2021
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