ere is a review of the major primary stainless steel crowns brands on the market today. This is meant to give you a quick and comprehensive view of the options available to you.

Review of the 4 Best Stainless Steel Crowns on the Market Today

Acero Crowns

  • Type of steel used: 316L surgical grade 
  • Ease of use: preformed/crimped, interchangeable with 3M 
  • Variety: XT & 3S (two types of molar crowns), Narrow (specifically for primary first molars), XT anteriors, ES White & ES White Light (resin-coated stainless steel anteriors)
  • Price Range (Estimate): $18.59 USD ($29.99 CAD) 


  • Type of steel used: stainless steel
  • Ease of use: preformed/crimped 
  • Variety: ESPE & Unitek
  • Price Range (Estimate): $34.95 USD ($48.99)


  • Type of steel used: 316L surgical grade
  • Ease of use: preformed/crimped, interchangeable with 3M
  • Variety: posterior and primary first molar 
  • Price Range (Estimate): $18.37 USD 


  • Type of steel used: N/A
  • Ease of use: preformed/crimped 
  • Variety: Molars and primary first molars
  • Price Range (Estimate): $26.90 USD 

Whether you’re a general, pediatric dentist, or anesthesiologist, primary stainless steel crowns are a crucial part of the treatment and care you provide to children. You already know the value of stainless steel crowns, indications and contraindications, and you may already be using some in your office. 

Yet, in recent years, there’s been an exciting development in the manufacture and development of stainless steel crown technology. It’s useful for you to know exactly what to look for when deciding which brand of crowns to go with. 

We’ve put together a handy set of criteria you can use to help you decide which brand of stainless steel crowns to go with

A. The type of steel used in primary stainless steel crowns determines strength and length of lifetime 

Kids will be kids. There’s no changing that. To make sure you have material that is strong enough to last, you should look into which grade of steel is being used. Generally, you will find either 304 grade or 316L surgical grade stainless steel being used. 

The higher the number, the stronger the steel and longer lasting it is. It would help here to read up on studies done with various brands to determine which ones are stronger and actually do the job.

A key factor to consider here is how fracture resistant the crowns are. Mastication is a cause for fracture in crowns, and it’s best to have the strongest steel out there in order to prevent fracture from mastication.

The other aspect of steel strength is its resistance to corrosion. The stronger the steel, the less prone to corrosion it will be over the longer run. 

B. 4 factors that help you determine the ease of use of stainless steel crowns

How easy is it to use the crowns? Look at whether the crowns are:

  • Pre-formed/pre-crimped 
  • How thick the steel is
  • Is there too much height? Do you need to constantly trim the crowns before placing?
  • How long does it take to place? Is it easily placed with the sound of a click, or does it take some maneuvering before it’s in place?

These are some quick, but important, questions that can help you figure out whether one brand is easier to use over another.

C. A one-size fits all solution can be ineffective. Look for a variety and selection for different types of cases

It’s great to place just primary molars, but sometimes you may have different needs. Check if your brand of choice offers variety in terms of crown height. You may like to control the height of your crowns, or you may find it easier and quicker to place crowns that have already been shortened for you. 

Are you a pediatric dentist that finds primary first molars an issue when faced with a complex case? If so, then check if your brand of choice offers tailor made solutions to those difficult to place cases. 

As a general dentist, you may also be considering resin-coated stainless steel crowns instead of zirconia. Check if your brand of choice offers this in their product line. Be sure to consider the strength of the resin, and the esthetic appeal. 

D. Price 

No matter what you are looking for in dentistry, price has to be considered. With all the different options out there, and the pricing your practice can achieve with different vendors, what is the best option that will save you the most at the same time? 

As much as price is a factor, it must be considered with the quality you receive. Never compromise on quality, but always try to save and lower your overhead. 

Do a price comparison, and make the decision yourself. You can always browse Dent247 for special deals and exclusive offers from time to time.

Dent247 Editorial Team

April 9, 2021
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