f you’re short on time and need a quick briefing on where the best place to spend your CE budget is, then this summary has you covered. You’ll get exactly the information you need to make an informed decision on the best implant CE courses for you to take, on the go. The following are our top 11 picks:

  1. Implant Seminars
  2. Implant Pathway
  3. AAID Maxicourse
  4. Midwest Implant Institute
  5. California Implant Institute
  6. Implant Educators
  7. McCracken Implant Education
  8. The Phelps Institute
  9. Stanley Institute
  10. Misch International Implant Institute
  11. DDSMasters

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What to look for in a dental implant course

Placing dental implants is no doubt an integral part of any successful practice. As the specialty has flourished in the last few years, it has also become more accessible to the general dentist. This has given rise to a plethora of dental implant CE courses being offered all across North America and beyond. This makes it all the more important to know exactly where to find the dental best implant courses for your situation.

But, for a dentist looking to get started in implants, where is the best place to go? To be able to separate the chaff from the wheat, it’s good to have a set of criteria to guide you when evaluating the right course of action.

The following list contains the most important considerations for you to take before making a decision on what you think is the best dental implant course for you:


  • How many implants have you placed before?
  • Do you just need a refresher or are you completely new to implants?
  • Are you comfortable with the basics and looking to really upgrade your implanting skills?

Live-Patient Component

  • For the courses you are considering, how many implants can you place or surgeries can you partake in for the live-patient portion?
  • The more practice you can get, the better it is for you

Yearly CE budget

  • What courses make the most financial sense based on your CE budget for the year?
  • If Implants will be a central feature of your practice, is it worth making an extra investment now?


  • Will you get more out of a course in the US or abroad?
  • How far are you willing and able to travel for this course?
  • Can you find the same quality locally?

Post-course communication/mentorship

  • Does the course offer an opportunity for continued mentorship or contact with course experts and peers?
  • Are there recordings of the course available to you for reference after the course as well?

Implant Seminars

For anyone getting started with Implants, it very quickly becomes clear that the name Dr. Arun Garg is not a joke in the specialty. Dr. Garg has established himself and the Implant Seminars institute as a leader in the field of Implants and consistently provides CE offerings with tremendous value.


At the heart of the Implant Seminars core offering is the Live-Patient training offered in the Domincan Republic, where participants have the opportunity to place up to 30 implants. To lay the groundwork well, participants are encouraged to take the Continuum and/or the Masters Series courses. Both of these courses are available in the United States.

  • Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Choose from the Continuum, Masters Series, and Live Patient
  • Place up to 30 Implants with the Live Patient Course
  • Offered across the United States and in the Dominican Republic

Implant Pathway

The innovative approach that Implant Pathway takes to Implant CE courses is refreshing. Utilizing both online and in-person methods, Dr Moody and his team have found a balanced blend that maximizes students’ learning throughout the course. The Continuum course starts with an online component to be completed first and then moves on to the in-person didactic and hands-on portions.


The Live-Patient portion of the course allows participants to place an average of 15 implants. A key feature of the Implant Pathways courses is their recognition of the dentists’ need for flexibility. This is manifested in the Fast Track option to complete the entire continuum in one week and be prepared to place implants right away. For those dentists looking to stay in the United States, Implant Pathways offers a great opportunity in Arizona.

  • Online, In Person Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Choose from Continuum and/or Advanced Continuum
  • Option to choose Fast Track and complete continuum in one week
  • Place average of 15 implants with the Live Patient portion
  • All courses take place in Arizona (with exception of online)

AAID Maxicourse

AAID’s Maxicourse program is one of its kind in the industry. It is probably one of the most comprehensive Implant CE courses on the market and is made increasingly accessible as time goes by. With the ability for the course to be hosted locally, the AAID Maxicourse provides a great opportunity to immerse in quality implant education without having to travel too far.


Since the Maxicourse can be hosted locally, it also means that each maxicourse will have a different flavor to it. Depending on which course you decide to take, you could be participating or observing in as many as 40 surgeries throughout the program’s duration. With the backing of the American Association of Implant Dentistry, you can be confident in the quality and level of rigor that the Maxicourse has to offer, and will definitely be an asset to you in the long term.

  • 300+ hours with Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Number of implant placements possible varies depending on which city you attend the course in
  • Choose from 20 cities worldwide
  • Offered once a month on weekends over a 10-month period

Midwest Implant Institute

The Midwest Implant Institute is focused on providing the highest quality implant education in the United States. Of the five different courses available, the Surgical Externship course provides you with an opportunity to place up to 20 implants during the course. In addition, the Midwest Implant Institute offers lifetime mentorship through various avenues like closed groups, and one-on-one opportunities for current and past participants.


In addition to the introductory surgery course, the institute also offers advanced courses in bone grafting, sinus elevation, and implant prosthetics. The institute is committed to the advancement of implant education and also offers a fellowship with comprehensive requirements to attain it. For those dentists that do go down the path of implant dentistry, the fellowship may be a great opportunity to look into as a next step professionally, and personally.

  • Choose from 5 courses that address different skill levels and needs
  • Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Place up to 20 implants with The Surgical Externship course
  • Lifetime mentorship
  • Courses hosted at the Midwest Institute in Ohio

California Implant Institute

The California Implant Institute’s programs are well-known in implant circles and have a reputation for excellence. With the opportunity to choose from four programs, one of them being an annual fellowship, the institute’s programs are in-depth and comprehensive. With the Live Patient Externship program, participants are able to place an average of 8 to 12 implants, and sometimes more than that. The live patient externship usually takes place in Mexico, with other programs taking place in Nevada and California.


With the option of combining some programs and taking, instead, a Master of Oral Implantology, the institute offers the chance to earn over 1000 CE credits. At a total cost of $64,995, the program includes 4 modules:

  • Didactic
  • Live Patient Externship
  • Advanced Implant Prosthodontics & Occlusion
  • Final Academic module on Prosthodontics Training


  • Online, Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Place an average of 8 to 12 or more implants with the Live Patient Externship
  • Courses offered in Nevada, California, and Mexico
  • Opportunity to earn 300 CE credits or 1000+ with the Master’s program

Implant Educators

As part of the University of Florida College of Dentistry, Implant Educators offers a comprehensive and value-rich Implant Continuum. With the opportunity to earn 130 credit hours, the program allows participants to participate in and observe 35 to 40 live surgeries. The program is offered in Florida.


The continuum is backed by leading instructors in the field and include the likes of Dr. Rick Ferguson, Dr. Aldo Leopardi, Dr. James Rutkowski, Dr. John Barksdale, and Dr. John Russo. The continuum lasts for 7sessions throughout the year, with each session spanning 2 days.

  • Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Participate in and observe 35 to 40 live surgeries
  • Offered in Florida
  • Earn 130 CE credits

McCracken Implant Education

The unique value of the McCracken Implant Education CIRP (Comprehensive Implant Residency Program) is the institute’s commitment to providing a different experience for the participating dentists. With deliberately small class sizes, the effort put into providing patients for participants (no bring your own patient policy here), and assistance in managing the follow-ups for these patients, the McCracken way is to give you the best value and experience with little effort on your part (logistically).


With the CIRP course, dentists have the opportunity to participate in up to 20 live surgeries. The program is offered in Alabama.

  • Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Participate in up to 20 live surgeries with CIRP course (Comprehensive Implant Residency Program)
  • Offered in Alabama

The Phelps Institute

Among the other courses offered at the Phelps Institute, the clinical courses have proven to be quite popular. These clinical courses focus on implants. The four courses offered are short compared with the other continuum style courses available, but pack as much practical wisdom in those few days as possible. Depending on the course taken, dentists can expect to place between 1 and 6 implants.


In addition to the courses offered, the Phelps Institute offers continued access to closed-group settings for participants to continue their learning and receive mentorship in such settings. With an affordable price tag, these courses may be a great way to get a taste of implant dentistry before considering any longer-term courses like continuums, fellowships, etc.

  • Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Place up to 6 implants (depending on the course you take)
  • 3-day courses
  • Continued access to closed-group settings with opportunities for continued learning and communication

Stanley Institute

The Stanley Institute offers a comprehensive Live Surgical Continuum that covers the basics of implant dentistry as well as advanced topics in implant prosthetics. With the opportunity to earn up to 80 CE credits, the course is offered in North Carolina.


The Continuum offers 4 sessions, each spanning 2 to 3 days, and touching on different topics, like:

  • Restoring Implants
  • Digital Treatment Planning
  • Biologics, Soft Tissue Management
  • Placing Implants
  • Live Surgery Component
  • Advanced Implant Prosthetics


  • Lecture, Hands-On, and Live-Patient
  • Continuum offers 4 sessions including Advanced Implant Prosthetics
  • Offered in North Carolina
  • Earn up to 80 CE credits

Misch International Implant Institute

The Misch International Implant Institute prides itself on providing progressive, literature-based and successful implant dentistry education to its participants. With four programs to choose from, dentists can dive deep into a surgical program, prosthetic program, complications course, and/or CBCT boot camp.


The Surgical Program offers five sessions that aim to give you the confidence to perform implant procedures. All sessions comprise of didactic and hands-on/lab work. With its established reputation, you can expect the Misch Institute to deliver quality courses with consistency. These courses are available in select cities across the United States.

  • Lecture, Hands-On Lab
  • In-depth didactic and hands-on sessions on surgical, prosthetic, complications, and CBCT
  • Offered in select cities across the United States



DDSMasters is a boutique continuing education organization based in Canada. Their sole purpose is to provide extremely high quality, practical, no fluff courses for dentists in Canada (American dentists can still attend!).

The dental implant courses offered by DDSMasters offer comprehensive training in implantology for general dentists. At the heart of their program is the opportunity to apply didactic content in a practical environment with a full week of over-the-shoulder guidance and live-patient training.

You have the opportunity to place at least 20 implants and assist with an additional 20 implants, for a total of 40+ implant cases.  


It’s no surprise that the quality and value of best implant CE courses available today is so high. Just from these 10 best Implant CE courses, you can have the confidence of not going wrong either way. When it comes to choosing the right course for you, it’s always important to have a reliable set of criteria to go by. In this case, it’s best to consider your own motivations, location of the course, your yearly CE budget, the value of the Live-Patient portions of the courses, and the kind of support you’ll have after the course.

Dent247 Editorial Staff

March 3, 2021
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