ime is critical for you as a dentist. You’re probably faced with additional compliance and infection control procedures that eat into your productive time.

Now, more than ever, you need to be organized and reduce friction for your patients as much as possible. 

Dental appointment scheduling software can either help or hinder your efficiency in practice. This can impact the care you provide to your new and existing patients. 

In 2021, you need a streamlined system to schedule your patients. The question is which one? and what to look for? 

Here are 6 core criteria you need to use when evaluating available dental appointment scheduling software.

We’ve also done the hard work of shopping around to find the best 10 softwares for you to consider.

1. Make scheduling appointments simple for your patients


Simplicity and convenience are most important when it comes to your presence and reputation online. If your patients have a seamless experience getting to your office, then you’ve already made an impactful impression that will last for the entire patient experience. 

When it comes to an appointment scheduling system, you want to make sure that it is easy to use for your patient. As few steps or clicks as possible for the patient, the better.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your patient is NOT inundated with phone calls, text messages, and emails asking for different pieces of information or having to reschedule due to conflicting times, etc… 

If you need to take in detailed information, then consider a software that also allows for easy digital forms that tie in with the rest of your patient experience. 

2. HIPAA compliance is a key factor in the scheduling software you choose

You will be dealing with sensitive information, and this is not new for you. HIPAA compliance is a staple with most types of software you will be dealing with as a practice owner/manager. Understand the current HIPAA compliance guidelines and make sure the software you choose is compliant. Ask the tough questions if necessary to be sure you are covered no matter what.

3. Does the appointment scheduler seamlessly integrate with your dental practice management software 

In addition to a seamless experience for your patients, you want the same for yourself and staff. Can the software you're considering integrate with and speak to your practice management software? With other software as necessary? 

Booking the patient in is one thing. Making sure you have a comprehensive view of your patient no matter where in their journey is quite another. 

4. Comprehensiveness of solution: Scheduling the appointment is only one piece of the puzzle

It’s good for you to know what other features or integrations are provided with this software. If you’ve got appointment scheduling and digitized forms, that’s great. If you have that, and a seamless integration with practice management software and other systems in place, that’s even better. 

5. Customer service

With all the software, supplies, equipment, and services you have to manage in addition to patient care, you need to have a strong team to back you when things go wrong. A good customer service team will be responsive to you (quick response time), will take the time to understand and troubleshoot your issue, and will always work on building a relationship with you well into the future.

6. Pricing and Structure

No matter how great the solution is, the numbers have to make sense. You’ll generally come across a few types of pricing; flat monthly, one time fee, “per form” fee, or a per user fee. Understanding the pricing method will help you make better “apples to apples” comparisons. This will also give you an opportunity to size up the true value of each solution in relation to its price.

As always, be wary of any hidden fees! 

Finally, make sure you shop around for deals and coupons. If you need help finding great deals, check out  “Our Top Picks” or “Deals” pages for the latest in the industry….or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.  

Review of the 10 best dental appointment scheduling software 


  • Convenience/Ease of Use: Quick, easy to use appointment booking software that patients can fill out instantaneously. Integrates with your Google presence and a big bonus for digital marketing
  • HIPAA: Yes
  • Integrations: The only platform with two-way communication capabilities with integrated practice management softwares. This means your patient is most accurate and relevant on both sides! Integrations with all major PMS systems, and many more. There is additional flexibility to customize NexHealth to your individual practice workflow.
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: In addition to appointment scheduling, NexHealth offers a robust, fully digitized form management feature. All your forms can now be fully online, integrated with your practice management software, and very simple and seamless for your patients. No more paper waste and multiple softwares to go to. This is your all in one, end-to end patient experience platform. 
  • Customer Service: NexHealth boasts a robust support centre online along with email and phone options. 
  • Price: Book demo for more on pricing


  • Convenience/Ease of Use: With a dentist directory that adds strength to your marketing efforts, LocalMed’s platform makes it easy for patients to find and book appointments with you.
  • HIPAA: Yes
  • Integrations:  Integrations with at least 13 different practice management softwares include the major ones. 
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: Includes a powerful marketing engine that can help you get found online quickly,
  • Customer Service: You can contact support via phone or email.
  • Price: N/A



  • Convenience/Ease of Use: Part of the “receptionist” feature, an automated chatbot helps you make the bookings based on your availabilities in the patient or practice management software you currently use
  • HIPAA: Yes
  • Integrations: 48 integrations with dental practice management softwares including major names in the industry
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: The appointment scheduling option is actually a feature in a larger solution geared towards maximizing your reputation management online. Other features and solutions include reputation management, sms reminders, listing services, and more.
  • Customer Service: Readily available and robust online support centre, with option to create a case. For an additional fee, Birdeye offers managed services to help you outsource your customer service to dedicated professionals if you’re running low on manpower.  
  • Price: Book Demo to Get Personalized Pricing



  • Convenience/Ease of Use: Easy to book system through its own directory system that connects healthcare professionals with patients.
  • HIPAA: Yes
  • Integrations: Integrates with 60+ EHR systems across healthcare
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: Marketing channel connected directly to your booking system for additional value added in terms of visibility
  • Customer Service: There is a robust help centre online along with email and phone support.
  • Price: N/A



  • Convenience/Ease of Use: “All in one” software that makes the scheduling process for patients easy. Provides automated reminders as well so your team can spend more time with patients.
  • HIPAA: Currently not offered. 
  • Integrations: No clear practice management software integrations specific to dental. Multiple integrations with other apps and software including social, accounting, and others. 
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: Automated reminders, personally branded landing pages, recurring meetings, telehealth.
  • Customer Service: Robust help centre online and a live chat box. 
  • Price: $0 to $9 per user per month depending on plan and number of users.


  • Convenience/Ease of Use: Very simple, light weight solution that you can tack on to your existing website. It’s a great basic solution to get you started with online booking/scheduling.
  • HIPAA: N/A
  • Integrations: No clear integrations with specific dental practice management software
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: Scheduling, calendar integrations, social media, 24 hour email support and more
  • Customer Service: 24 hour email support
  • Price: Free



  • Convenience/Ease of Use: Makes it easy to book with integrated link in your communications with patients (whether via email, social media, on your website, etc)
  • HIPAA: Yes
  • Integrations: Eaglesoft, Open Dental, PracticeWorks, and Practice-Web
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: Offers automated recall scheduling, “TruePaperless” which gives you full digital control of documentation, patient engagement, intra-office messaging and more.
  • Customer Service: There is a robust help centre, with tutorials, and personal support if needed.
  • Price: N/A

Dovetail co


  • Convenience/Ease of Use: Easily let patients book online and receive text confirmations. 
  • HIPAA: Yes
  • Integrations: Dovetail is a practice management software itself
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: Being a practice management software, your appointment scheduling is directly connected to your schedule, with complete control over its use. It is fully cloud based, easy to use, and has what you need to get you where you want to go
  • Customer Service: Phone and email support, including software migration help
  • Price: Book Demo to Get Personalized Pricing



  • Convenience/Ease of Use: Easy to use, 24 hour service allows you to rest assured even when not at the office
  • HIPAA: Yes
  • Integrations: 7 integrations
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: Teledental, referrals, NPS, dashboard, paperless forms and more
  • Customer Service: Dedicated online support centre with option of personal support via phone or text
  • Price: $248 to $448 per month


  • Convenience/Ease of Use: 24/7 service that enables you to manage your online bookings from anywhere.  
  • HIPAA: N/A
  • Integrations: Multiple digital and social integrations. No specific dental practice management software integrations.
  • Comprehensiveness/Additional Features: Patient management, forms, calendar integration, point of sale, video conferencing, and much more
  • Customer Service: Robust online support centre
  • Price: Free to $80/month

There you have it. A comprehensive list of the best scheduling softwares you can use in your dental practice. Using the criteria outlined above will help you cut through the fluff and determine exactly what works best for you based on your practice's unique needs.

Dent247 Editorial Team

Dent247 Editorial Team

April 23, 2021
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